My Two Legs Philosophy

There are two Great, simple ways that I use in order to get what I want in my life.

One way is what I call “Happy Thinking”. Most people use the term Positive thinking but I prefer to call it Happy Thinking. Thinking Happy thoughts in order to attract Good things and Good situations into my life.

The other main method that I use to get what I want in my life is by doing as many Good deeds as I can to make the world a Happier place. In doing so, not only do I help to make the world a better place but I also get Good Karma in the process. The more Good Karma that I have, the more Good things will continue to happen for me.

I consider them the two legs of my philosophy. (Happy thinking being the left leg and doing Good deeds being the right leg). Just Happy thinking for myself and not doing anything to make the world a better place wouldn’t work for me because I wouldn’t have the Good karma to get what I want for myself. But just doing good deeds without Happy thinking wouldn’t work for me either because I wouldn’t be attracting the Good things that I deserve.

My, “If anything can go well, it will” slogan falls into the category of Happy thinking and my Karmic AAA Philosophy is in the category of doing Good deeds.

I think that they are two big reasons why my life is so successful and I highly recommend that you employ both of them in your own life when you can.