The Yes Magazine Synchronicity

My Mother started an herb shop in Orlando, Florida called Leaves and Roots.

She passed into the spirit world in May of 2010 and left the herb shop to my two little sisters: Maggie and Ginny. Maggie came down from her home in Atlanta, Georgia and took over the job of managing the herb shop. There is a well-known local herbalist named Emily who is also a former employee of my Mothers. Emily arranged with Maggie to teach a class on combating stress with herbs at the herb shop. The only people who showed up for the class were Emily, Maggie and this young woman named Caitlin.

Some time after Emily’s class at the herb shop, Caitlin moved from Orlando out to Seattle, Washington for a while.

At the time, I was living in an apartment on the south side of Gainesville, when I wasn’t at the house in Orlando.

I was busy distributing and promoting my “If anything can go well, it will” bumper stickers. I was giving away the stickers for free in Orlando and Gainesville but I figured that it would be cool if I could sell them on line on my website and make some money at it as well. I figured all I needed was a good advertising scheme to promote the website.

A friend of mine named Steve suggested that I send some stickers to Yes Magazine and try to get them to do a feature article about the stickers. He thought that if they did that, that it would be a great advertisement for my “Go Well” sticker website.

It sounded like a good idea. So around that time, I sent a stack of stickers and letters about the stickers to 3 magazines. Sun Magazine, Tricycle Magazine and Yes Magazine.

In the letters to the 3 Magazines, I told them that it would be cool if they would do feature articles about the stickers. But even if they didn’t, I wanted them to distribute the stickers that I sent to them to the various employees that worked for them and hopefully their employees would like them.

A few months later, as I recall, Caitlin moved back to Orlando from Seattle and Maggie hired her to work at the Herb Shop there. She was the first person that Maggie ever hired. All of the other people that were working there at the time were all employees that my Mother had hired before she passed.

One time, after Maggie had hired Caitlin, I came down to Orlando for a visit, and Caitlin and I compared notes.

Apparently, when Caitlin was in Washington State, she had worked at the headquarters of Yes Magazine for a little while, which is about 10 miles west of Seattle. She said that, as a part of her job there, she worked in the mailroom only one day a week to receive and deal with the letters and packages that people would send to the magazine. She told me that, on one of the days that she was working there in the mailroom, she received the package of stickers from me with the letter in it. She said that she did as I requested in the letter and distributed all the stickers to the other employees that worked there by sticking one sticker each in their mail slots.

I thought to myself, what are the odds of that happening? - All the way across the country from Florida, in Washington State?