Karmic AAA

This is what I call my “Karmic AAA Philosophy”.

For over 10 years now I have had a lot of extra money from a trust fund that some relatives set up for me. I have been giving a good bit this extra money to charitable organizations that help poor kids in other countries. I have been doing this, not just because I care about these kids, but also I know that it is a good way for me to get some good karma for myself.

It is really working well. Especially in the last few years I have noticed that good things have been happening to me more and more often. I really attribute a lot of this to my financial generosity.

I lived in Orlando, Florida and I visited Gainesville, Florida on a regular basis. Because of this I liked to maintain my membership with AAA in case if my car breaks down they will come and help me. A few years ago, I realized that I didn’t know when my AAA membership was going to expire.

I wanted to renew it before it did, so I called them on the phone and asked them when my membership was going to expire. They said “today”. I said, “Wow, are you serious? My membership expires today?” They said “yes”.

I was surprised that my membership was expiring on the exact day that I called them after having not thought about them or called them in months. So I was able to renew my membership before it expired which saved me money.

To me, it was just one more example of how so many good things happen to me on such a very regular basis. And, like I said, I think that a lot of it is directly due to my financial generosity.

That experience helped me to conceive of what I call “Karmic AAA”. I figure that if you have extra money and you give some of it to help poor people or Mother Earth then no matter where you go and no matter what happens, you won’t have to worry so much because you will be covered by “Karmic AAA” and the universe will take care of you. (By the way, I’m only intending this message for people with extra money like myself. I think that if you don’t have extra money then you shouldn’t worry about it).

I figure that if I can encourage people with extra money to be more generous with it, then it will cause good things to happen for them and make the world a happier place in the process. I’m not trying to make people feel guilty for being selfish. I’m trying to show them how to go about being selfish in a way that will actually work for them. And I think that it will work for them even if they do it for selfish reasons.

I read a quote by The Dalai Lama a while ago in which he said something like: If you do good things like give to charities or engage in other activities that make the world a better place, it will unlock a great store of creative energy within you.

Looking back on it, I have decided that my coming up with my, “If anything can go well, it will” slogan was a largely a direct result of the creative energy that was unlocked in me from having given so much money to charities before I thought of the slogan.

If you engage in activities that make the world a happier place then it could very well result in you coming up with some really good ideas as well.